Friday, September 4, 2009

LSD is undermining Progress

Long Slow Distance (LSD) is the cure for what ails America. It forces patience to get where you are going. It enables you to travel a road much further than you would have imagined. The only glitch: there comes a time when you realize you have learned to only move slowly. Today during my training at the YMCA I realized that I have to retrain my body and rewire my brain to know that I can move faster by elongating my stride and increasing my turnover rate. I have to apply the beginner principle that just because you are breathing faster or harder doesn't mean you're out of breadth. It means you are working. That's all it means. I am not talking about lung busting speed here but I am talking about increasing the speed moving things a long a bit. I also realized today that I don't enjoy running all the time. I enjoy receiving the gift of the run but when I'm actually doing it I'm figuring out ways to keep it interesting and keep moving. I compete with the person beside me on the treadmill but mostly I compete with myself. The self talk it pretty constant. It is not all about running of course. I said yesterday that the road was a good listener and the treadmill is a great playground. It takes all the worry away from the run and I can just think about the course of my life, my journey and yes the run. It is the lessons learned on the run that clear the cobwebs from my brain and oil my joint.

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