Saturday, September 12, 2009

Running Through the Rain

Today's fifteen miler turned out to be 13.5 because the two women I was running with left earlier and cut their run shorter. I started with faster runners and then caught up to the girls. Their pace is slow and easy. It was a bit too slow and aside from the fact I have not run 13 miles in about 9 months it was perhaps too easy. I am giving my body a break and taking it easy. The problem is running such a long time. It should be run in well under two hours and it was over two. They are training for their first marathon so I definately appreciate where they are comming from. I am very grateful that they let me tag along otherwise I would be in a group moving too quickly for this first long run. In three weeks it will be a whole different story but I don't want to cause any strain. In all honesty the run was a lot of fun at no time did it feel like work or did my muscles feel tired or worked. This is encouraging because eventually I'd like to get into ultras and going slow is the key to saving muscles. On a funny note I never even turned my IPOD on. Did I mention it was pouring I was like a wet dog throughout the run. I will run in rain so long as there is no lightening and it's not too cold. When else can grown women move in the rain without much thought given to it. It was clildlike play. Just to be moving within the rain was well fun. No heat and I was grateful for that. There was one alligator and several birds.

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