Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Labyrinth: Lives In Motion

Preoccupied and brooding

A childhood plundered; sacked
Its essence purged time and again.

Bondage to the shadow perched in dark places.

Boring those who would listen
Unable to expel self loathing and pity.

Mistreatment and neglect is sobering,
Sedation a commonplace occurrence.

A killing field for playfulness and incubating dreams,
lost in remembrance and horror of unspeakable torment.

Peering from behind the coattails I endured.

The potentialities and riches of that life lay waste,
hostage to perversion, neglect and desertion.

Bereaved in the moment
yet before me, Grace bestowed with immeasurable blessings.

While still dwelling in my own fashion of bitterness and wanting,
He bestowed My Love.

One grafted to me
with all that I am and ever could be.

My Love an unfading comforter, friend
and protector of my soul and body.

In love he vowed to spend his years in my service.
Being devout his actions speak of his supplication.

My Love bears my relentless demands
Fearing he strives in vain to mend wounds which lay beyond.

So this new Adam bore the Scarlet Letter I bequeath
Boldly as his Jezebel, his Delilah, his Eve.

Though I love, treasure and grieve; I trampled him.

Whirled from the momentum of my frenzy
I am earnestly summoned to the present.

*All poetry is copywrited. In these pieces you will find glimpses into the lives of real people I encountered in my professional work as a clinical social worker. These are their stories.

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