Sunday, September 6, 2009

xena warrior princess

I took xena out for a run with me this evening. She was so spry early in the run but after a mile or so she started her pace the last half she dragged. It has been months since I've taken her for a run because of the Florida heat but she will hit the trails again with me as soon as it cools off a bit. She loves to go as soon as she sees her training collar she sits busting with excitement at the door. When we run together she is the best companion she is attentive and alert to the task at hand. She notices the environment but always yeilds to direction. An interesting thing happens to an animal when you give it a job to do. It strengthens the bond between the master and the pet/animal. They become a part of the family through their service and given a purpose they seem to appreciate the dynamic of the relationship. Spoiled animals are sad and unnatural. All you Peta people I'm not talking about not lavishing your animal with love and attention but you have to work within the species and the breed. Canines are real gifts from God.

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