Friday, September 18, 2009

Turkish Court's Dicta Chokes Off Ecumenical Patriarchate

The Turkish Government with the implicit acceptance of its people have planned for years and are following through to eradicate the Phanar in Constantinople. This ethnic cleansing has gone largely unfettered because of its insidious nature. They wish to obliterate the presence of the Ecumenical Throne which predates the modern Turkish State by over a thousand years. It seeks to underhandedly in the name of peaceful edicts to use legislation and the Court's dicta to "ultimately to force the closure of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in a manner not yet attempted" (The Archons HDIM.NGO/331/087 October 2008). The Turkish government systematically confiscates properties, harasses and intimidates Christians all in a very covert way without bullets or batons (o.k. renades occasionally). Simply by enforcing current legislation they are choking the life blood from the Ecumenical See. Such oppression has created a diminishing presence in the population of Orthodox Christians. There will come a time, unless the laws are themselves abolished based on human rights violations: of freedom of religion and basic human liberties, when we no longer have a pool of qualified applicants or servants to hold the holy office of patriarch. Their continued effort to keep Hailki Theological school closed is to shrink the think tanks and dummy up the population further reducing the fortitude and strength of future successor. We are told that restrictions on Hailki are in place to protect Christians and moderate Muslims from the infiltration of Islamic extremism: hogwash.

The various mandates put in place defy all dignity and human civility which deludes and deceives the faithful abroad who can't believe or accept the reality. They are too insulated within their walls of liberty and freedom, political correctness and unwillingness to accept that atrocities happen often times quietly.



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