Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jn 1034 Comment Review

Several weeks ago before the shutting down of you blog you made some comments on my blog to another "contributor". If your comments were authentically put forth as I believe they were then "Le blog "JN1034" est fermé pour la reconsidération". Should be obviously decided necessarily. I hope that your site was not merely an experiment to explore the depth of human confusion or bigotry that would be a morbid entrapment. Respectfully think about the implications of what I have written.

For your review I posted your pastoral comment:
"Your heart must be quite heavy, extremely distraught, and so disconnected from any semblance of empathy or human intimacy. This is quite sad, that you've fallen to a vacuous state away from grace and mercy - neither receiving, and never dispensing.

You've not learned the sacred mystery of ἡσυχασμός, of hesychasm, of an all-pervading holy silence rendered as a gift of the Holy Spirit. You waste minutes and hours and precious breaths screaming to the world as if you alone have access to the Word.

St Anthony, seeing the world covered with sinful and evil traps, asked God: "Who can escape these snares?" And a Voice replied: "Humility."

You entrap Elgreca (and, no doubt, scores of others) with your verbose (and ever-inaccurate), prideful comments set as snares. "

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+JN1034 said...

Please clarify. I'm not sure of what you're saying. The JN1034 blog, with its bells and whistles, photos and feeds, has simply been simmered down to a more "professional" extract. Please see this comment page:

Ours was never to create "an experiment to explore the depth of human confusion or bigotry that would be a morbid entrapment." We ourselves got caught up in the frustrations of the blogosphere and chose to re-brand ourselves with minimalist layouts and to-the-point theological expositions. If I've misunderstood this post of yours, I apologize.