Friday, September 11, 2009

No Run Today Saving Legs for Tommorrows FIFTEEN

I am still all dressed to run but between the torrential down pours, Elias day trip for a museum showing and anticipation for tomorrows 15 I never made the run. I hope the weather holds out in the morning because I hope to meet the girls for a 15 miler. I need to find my IPOD I have all my liquid carbs ready and I'll hydrate on the trail itself. I haven't run so far since the marathon and I am all excited about doing it. I have to mention here that for runners this is no great or tremendous feat. It is only for the non runner or the occasional jogger that it may seem daughnting or do I dare say impressive. Fifteen miles travels on foot in one trip definitely demands respect I mean for the road and the run (not the runner). It is after all still fifteen. I'm thinking good thoughts.

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