Monday, September 7, 2009

Selection from the Fathers at Jn1034 "Panheresy is the Father of all lies..."

Panheresy Is the Fathers of All Lies —
The Specious, Isolated, and Apathetic
American Internet Pentarchy
The following is a small selection from the Jn1034 blog. For the complete text please visit their site link posted just above and become a follower of their blog. It is a wealth of information.

"Readers visiting these five commonly-owned-or-operated, mutually-promoted, collectively-motivated, seemingly-traditional-and-accomplished Orthodox propaganda businesses are urged to do so with caution. Since none is an official Orthodox Church initiative, each business depends, in full measure, upon the good faith and belief of their readers to validate these websites' exclusive social opinions, heretical theologoumena, unorthodox theology, and hypervigilant personal intentions.


Orthodox Christian Laity

American Orthodox Institute

Orthodoxy Today

Orthodox Net
If one scans each business' website, paying attention to Board Members and Staff, their fulltime careers and employers, a pattern of common names appears. Most interestingly, though distant from any impartial mission statement and not close to objective Orthodox ecclesiastic or theological interests, these five Internet businesses collaborate intimately with the following business partners (most are not Orthodox and do not share any semblance to or prerogative with our Holy Tradition)."


Isa Almisry said...

Commented on the source. Follow the link.

Elgreca, your zeal is admirable, but misplaced.

elgreca262 said...

I appreciate your dedication. There is a difference however between differing on the extent to which the Mother Church 'lord' over the 'diaspora' and using language which seems to state your eagerness for a colapse.