Monday, September 7, 2009

Lexicon of Propaganda Rhetoric Disorder

Control the Language Manipulate Public Opinion

BE watchful of jargon and rhetoric used by ‘free thinkers’ and defenders of ‘liberty’. Do not let them defend their position by attacking those who disagree with them. They are expert at attempting to discredit valid positions by inciting bigotry and prejudice. Refer to this list often become familiar with the slings and arrows of defectors.

The protestant worldview of breakaway ideology has infected the Orthodox Church. Defend with truth and compassion mercy and love. Remain steadfast. _________________________________________________

American Orthodoxy

Canon 28 - the most misquoted and abused term of the "Neo-Iconoclasts" (AOI or the American Orthodox Institute, Orthodoxy Today, Orhowiki, OCL...)

Dead, invalid or irrelevant Holy Canons

American Patriarchate –The irony is -those in favor of an AP equate it with the fact that America was founded to break away from despots, so they want to create their own

Ability to rise above “ petty ethnic concerns” to make a home within Orthodoxy for native born Americans.

True situation of Orthodox in America

Indigenous American Church

America belonged to Moscow

Moscow as the first to exercise jurisdiction in the New World

Misunderstanding of the historical situation

“barbarians” were the barbarian tribes that threatened the northern border of the Empire.

Metropolia was canonical

Mother churches don't have an understanding of American Orthodoxy

'Foreign' Patriarchs

Moscow controlled a unified American church until Meletios

Constantinople must win the allegiance of American Orthodox

Over 100 churches under Moscow at turn of century

Constantinople is only concerned abut the U.S. dollar

Chief concern the GOA is the preservation of Greekness

Pope of Constantinople

Quotes by a contemporary America Metropolitan

"The absence of a functional ecumenical primacy"

"The Patriarchate of Constantinople in unable to lead"

"The Patriarch of Constantinople promotes a cultural agenda of Hellenism that mutes its voice to the other churches"

"Constantinople was the first to abrogate the unity of the Church in America"

"Constantinople’s own political adventurism has divided the Church in Estonia, and threatens the unity of the Church in Ukraine and other places"

"Being tied to a “mother church” is not of itself a guarantee of legitimacy"

Unity is Easy

We are not puppets of foreign churches

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