Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sermons, Homlies Divine Inspiration

A Clergyman "X" was heard saying that because of his priestly obligations: meetings, funerals, etc. he didn't always find time to prepare his Sunday sermon as we would like. This was echoed by the confirming whines clergy listening on. They were told about Papou (the priest) who would read the scripture read for the Liturgy, the church fathers even briefly and then pray. He would rise from his bed the night before and in the darkness of night write, to his illumination. He brought light into the darkness and the darkness could not over come it. The darkness of his own limitations reflected by the twilight of night. Of course this made Yiayia toss and turn as he clicked away on his manual typewriter. This was how Papou completed his sermons for his flock.

The Clergyman "X" snickered a bit e-x-p-l-a-i-n-i-n-g how divine inspiration doesn't always come with some formula etc. This reminds me of the "God laid upon my heart (this or that) or "God spoke to my heart" or "I was called to the ministry". Upon my hearing this account I was confronted with the upside-down understanding of some clergy and lay.
God doesn't require areminder notice from you and doesn't probably give special 'touches' to anoint you with the sermons for the week. Yes, St. Paul assures us that when the time comes to profess the faith and give account the Spirit of God will move and guide us but this should not be applied in some egotistical 'God touched me".
God's work is completed. "It is finished". It is competed in us. Our work is just beginning and Clergyman "X" is complaining about the work. God is awe inspiring and His overflowing font of Wisdom is imparted to us in knowledge and understanding when we bath ourselves in it. He loved us while we were still yet sinners. He is complete and not waiting on us. We are waiting on ourselves to pray to draw our attention to Him not to call His attention to us. He is Omni-present. God is Omni everything!! The conscious or unconscious belief that God has yet to do is faulty. "God why don't you answer my prayers". We are lacking in our approach God is never lacking never, undone, never late.

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