Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ironmommy, Ironbaby, Ironbrother

This evening was the first time in many months that Stavronikitas and Euphemia both came along for the run. Stavro rode his bike while the baby was in her ironman stroller. There was just the slightest hint of coolness in the breeze. The last few days there has been a slight break in the extreme heat. The baby figured out that she can move the canonpy and see me. Peek a boo was a lot of fun for her. Stavro rode on ahead with his neon vest lost in his own imaginings. I thought a lot about the traffic on this blog and others. The veracity of the arguments put forth and the tenor of the dialogue has been on the surface unfortunate but I have grown in my faith tremendously I have had the opportunity to come to actualize that judgment and condemnation get conflated all the time. That in my haste to walk the straight and narrow I walked right off the path into some other place entirely. I have found myself freed from hate. I was captive by my own fear to be somehow contaminated by someone else’s shortcomings as if my own sin is not sufficient to seriously jeopardize my salvation. Insecurity breeds contempt. Cling to what is Holy, True and Just. Love above all else.

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