Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gathering for Common Purpose Ecumenism: Bad Ecomonics

There needs to be the distinction made between uniting for charitable works: feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, housing the homeless essentially loving those who have no one to love them or care for them and conducting prayers services and vigils with heterodox. Setting aside time for the unevenly yoked faithful to gather for intentional wakefulness through a prayer service or conference is destructive. The willful action to be attentive to religious contemplation, prayer, and other devotional activities must be tempered and understood within the structure of Orthodox teaching. As Orthodox Christians engaging in prayers with the faithful automatically implies fellow Orthodox Christians and those who have designated themselves to seeking the One True Faith. However this popularized philosophy of unity under one over generalized umbrella of 'faithful or believers' is destructive to the heretic and Orthodox brethren.

It is misleading to simplify belief and dogmatic understanding to the place where it becomes anemic and of little to no benefit to anyone. In fact, it can lead to false assurances for those not of the fold and an unguarded casual attitude for the practicing Orthodox. Even if we don't consciously affirm that "All roads lead to Roman" mentality we acknowledge the possibility of religion or spirituality as a guiding principle, for right living; as if any 'way' is the way. By engaging ourselves in these in ecumenical sympathies we are distracted and comprimised. There is one Truth there is one Way and the bending and extending the open door policy to all who enter runs contrary to the Faith.

Those without wedding garments are expelled from the grand banquet. Those who do not seek to shake themselves of false beliefs and heresy are bounced from the gathering. It is true that the bridegroom opens the invitation to those for whom the banquette was not prepared because invited guests give way to the care of this life (a caution for the Orthodox) but the newly welcomed, the eleventh hours guests, are transformed by their acceptance of the invitation, as the thief to the right of our Lord. We have been contaminated by the affirmative action belief that all faiths have equal validity and contain the Truth. Even contrary beliefs are given full credence ruled by the premise that yof ou simply believe in something is acceptable; a lie from the devil himself.

If religious belief is not totally restricted to home and private life then it is stripped of its discernment and good judgment. Through the limits of their ecumenical understanding they assert premises which seem justifiable to their unillumined world view and mindset. They talk in circles with faulty logic seeking to make acceptable what is unreasonable and improper. Their world view is one which publically affirms a market place philosophy where all are welcome to bring their wares to the agora. Spiritual matters which are of the gravest of importance cannot be peddled like produce. These progressive thinkers who believe something,  like the atheist or unbelieving scientists fail to acknowledge the metaphysical world of Orthodox Christianity  seeks to explain immaterial. We approach questions and answers of origin something science and heresy can not lay claim to.

Insecure Orthodox Christians or those who have had to make concessions in their own life experience either through inter-faith marriage themselves or their children, etc lack the spiritual maturity and depth to accept their shortcomings. Rather they seek to feel good about themselves and share their 'concern for brotherhood' with these ecumenical missions. These 'can't we all just get along 'pow wows are destructive and feed the egos of the hosts but undermine the good sense and faithfulness to the commandment to 'have no other gods before me".

In a weak attempt to expose the masses to Orthodoxy they "cast pearls before swine". This unity confuses matters edifying no one. The reaction is far reaching and causes further division within Orthodoxy for those faithful who feel the need to push against such liberalism ;they make rash and hasty judgements which are less then prudent. They inadverantly cause division in an attempt to serpate themselves from the ecumencial designs of their brothers. This 'well intentioned' tolerance for all and brotherly love is bad for the economia of the Orthodox Church scandalizing the those who are pious and now confused.
Those heterodox who come as sheep in wolves clothing to convert and pluck away the weaker minded and unsure listen with the intent to steal and warp the belief. They take and feed their own flocks bits and pieces of the truth but in a way that fortifies their fallen belief and heresy. They present it as a prototype for their flock. Benny Hinn an evangelical preacher, a Palestian formerly Orthodox ,baptized by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, has refashioned and marketed Orthodox truisms for years to the born-again Christians. Like the devil himself he has established parody of the faith and has preached another Gospel. There are some compounds when ingested without the proper modification kill. In one state it can save and another destroy. This practice by the heretic and poisons and chokes all it touches.

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