Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Pushing through and forging ahead. I have been in a real slump with my running. I ran twice as much as yesterday but it was difficult and with no reason. I was dragging along. My chest has been tight and my gait way off. I need to get the run out the of the for more pressing obligations. I just can't seem to get the engines going too early though. I am setting up a new blog for new clients of my life directing/coaching services. It will be an membership invite only forum. But I will post here what members could expect. I have written and composed more lectures for my series on committing to a life changing event. More on that another time now I am tired. Thanks to all of you who continue to check in. Tomorrow look for word on Mother Moscow who claims the barbarian lands and how canon28 has applied to them as the third Rome. Interesting now the u.s. is the barbarian lands.


Isa Almisry said...

Looking forward to this "latest," as Moscow has never claimed that canon 28 has anything to do with the ultramontanist claims of either Old or New Rome over the "barbarian lands" throughout the world.

If you are interested in how the US is a barbarian land, you have to ask your friends in the Phanar, like the Chief Secretary.

elgreca262 said...

Just for the record to pesky mutt they are not 'my friends' at the Phanar they are my spiritual brothers and fathers. I put my soul into the hands of the Ecumenical Patriarch without a second thought to it's care. Good luck with yours.

The Orthodox Church said...


Isa can’t deal with reality! and accept that Moscow’s illegitimacy since mid 16th century so she insults the persons of the Holy and Ecumenical Patriarchate in order to justify the unecclesiological theory of the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate which inevitably leads to the OCA not being recognized as an autoecephalous church by an overwhelming majority of the Orthodox World. Yes overwhelming. Isa would lead you to believe it’s a Greek conspiracy but she knows the real truth.

Moscow now tries to rewrite history and in an Alzheimer’s fit of conscious claims to have been one of the original Pentarchy.

Well you know those Russians! Praying in Holy Wisdom church and all, wow!

Pray for Isa, she really needs the intervention (in sooo many ways).

I’d rather have “those” friends at the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Elpidophoros -any day- over the lying bunch of miscreants at the AOI or pseudo-Christian hate mongers at some of the other web forums Isa frequents.

You know a lot can be said about the friends you keep and her standards are pretty low...

Isa is what the rebetes call a -richtys- someone who verbally casts down (insults or belittle) someone to make themselves feel as if they have become influential or important where in reality they aren’t (and they know it)

Continued success and never give up telling the truth about the Church, the Ecumenical Ptriarchate and exposing her enemies Like the cronies at AOI

Isa Almisry said...

Speaking of reality, it's a he. We've dealt with that already. Do keep up.

Your gender confusion is about as accurate as anything else you said.
16th cent. illegitimacy? Is that referring to when Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem in Council elevated Moscow to the patriarchate and into the Pentarchy? In part recognition of the fact that Moscow didn't submit to the Vatican, as did the four older sees? Not to mention the mission of St. Andrew in the Lands of the Rus' (the same sources that locate him in Byzantium locate him up the Dnieper and in Russia).

We have dealt with your problems with arithmatic before: the plurality of autocephalous Churches and the VAST majority of the Orthodox accept the OCA as autocephalous. Only the Phanariot Phyletist minority (1/3 Autocephalous Churches, <10% of the Faithful) reject the OCA. And having been in all of those in the rejectionist camp (except Cyprus), I've observed Hellenism at the expense of Orthodoxy, so yes, I know the real truth.

And if Constantinople claims that it, as first among equals, gets the final word, then what of the word of Old Rome on Constantinople's autocephaly?

I don't need luck with my soul. It is in Good Hands.

The Orthodox Church said...

"I know the real truth"

Isa as St. Maximos has said,
"To think that one knows prevents one from advancing in knowledge."

St. John Chrysostom points out that there is an ignorance which is praiseworthy: it consists in knowing consciously that one knows nothing.

In addition, there is a form of ignorance that is worse than any other: not to know that one does not know. -St. Peter of Damaskos

No, No

You can't handle the Truth is more like it.

Isa Almisry said...

Funny you should bring up St. Maximos the Confessor: the Vatican slanders his memory too, quoting his letter to Marinus as proof of the filioque, and the account of his imprisonment as proof of the pope of Rome's infallibility.

We at Antioch raised St. John Chrysostom. You at Constantinople killed him.

And it's St. Peter of Damascus. We don't speak Greek there.

So, all these quotes about ignorance: are you confessing you don't know what you are talking about?

The Orthodox Church said...
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The Orthodox Church said...


I have come to the realization that you are so very confused; your anger has clouded your judgment.

You are always bringing the Vatican into the conversation; your fixation with the Vatican exemplifies your insecurity with your own journey. Nobody except you brings Rome's infallibility in to the conversation. Infallibility Envy?

Holy Maximos is absolutely on target with you “To think that one knows prevents one from advancing in knowledge." It is perfect application in your case.
As for your insinuation that The Church in Constantinople killed Holy John Chrysostom, it was in fact the empress Eudoxia, who was offended by the apostolic freedom of his discourse and Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria who had Holy Chrysostom run out.

It was in fact Constantinople that elevated him to the Patriarchal Throne, It was in Constantinople he was inspired to compile a Liturgy, it was in Constantinople he was called Golden-mouth as for Antioch Holy Chrysostom said the following (Which by the way clearly applies to you and the AOI as St John denounced a schism in Antioch), "I tell you and I witness before you, that to tear asunder the Church means nothing less than to fall into heresy. The Church is the house of the heavenly Father, one Body and one Spirit." The church in Antioch was in (and always is in) such disarray most brilliant minds leave especially in those years for Constantinople.

Once again your ignorance of FACT is clear

Antioch, Turkey has produced the greatest minds of Orthodoxy for centuries on this we can agree. And it continues to do so.

The “Antiochian” Patriarch made a huge mistake leaving the city.
However to paraphrase Holy Peter in your case seems applicable “Your form of ignorance is worse than any other: not to know that you don’t know”

Isa Almisry said...

Yes, so you keep claiming. But I believe in Orthodoxy, not Hinduism, so I'm not impressed with mantras.

No, the EP and his choir, by his actions and claims, brings the Vatican into the conversation, as the claims that the EP advances are no different (except, allegedly, not claiming infallibility) than those Old Rome made. And the criticism the Phanar hurls at Russia are no different from those Old Rome raised at the elevation of the upstart on the Bosphoros.

As for your quoting St. Maximus, physician, heal thyself.

I'm well aware who ran St. John out. Eudoxia was empress at what court that elevated its local Church? Yes, Pope Theophilos' actions were not the high point of the Church of Alexandria, nor his nephew, Pope St. Cyril's continuation of the campaign against St. John. And it was more a prophetic rather than Apostolic "freedom."

Yeah, brilliant minds left Antioch for Constantinople. Like Nestorius.

The Patriarch of Antioch (no quotation marks), living in Damascus doesn't have the tight, short leash that the EP does. The Patriarchate in Antioch is still there, and it is fuller and more vibrant that any parish I saw in Constantinople.

Your quote about Antioch, is that on the Meletios schism? That happened because the Emperor at Constantinople, followed by his bishop, and then the primates of Rome and Alexandria stuck their nose in Antioch's business. St. Meletios (who ordained St. John and St. Basil, and consecrated St. Gregory Nazianzus) was vindicated by opening the Second Ecumenical Council that wrote our Creed.

St. John, St. Basil, St. Gregory and St. Meletios did not submit to the Ultramontanist claims of Old Rome. We, their followers, will not submit to the Ultramontanism of New Rome.