Friday, September 4, 2009

Fear-mongering Phanarophobes

To The Very Grand Propaganda Machine
Monolithic monologues do not a dialogue make.
Suppression reduces education and
Slinging mud riddled with insult barrages another’s psyche
Banishment and censorship denies the humanity
Opposition assassinated by the written world
Smiting with reprimand and admonishment,
Ignorance to the beam in your own.
The puppeteer is managing your strings
pushing your triggers to set his unholy agenda.
The Klan of the Good Ol' boys
Having taken the bait ingesting the hook
Now strikeout wounded themselves
Brandishing their impotent weapon
They seek to force their cyanide laden cool aid
Their crusade is to find ways to clear the road
Ecouraging the afflicted, who seek to harbor what ails them.
Cuddle up with anger and envy becomes your bed partner
Deep seeded psychosis exposes deficiencies.
Fanciful language and the artful tactics
are not a suitable cologne for what reaks:
abhorrence, loathing, revulsion, disgust,
Essentially your distain for the Mother Church
Is an exact measure and statement of your extreme self-loathing
Hell bent on hurting is given new scope and dimension
It is schizoid to amputate with ease your brothers and sisters
Over identification with the disenfranchised is disingenuous
when you have been lavished; basking in the wealth of your forefathers.
Broadly and indiscriminately applying commentary of one, to another,
It is totally antithetical to your stated idealism.
Hiding behind false dichotomies, clinging to logic tight compartments
You revile and condemn your brotherhood
Disagreement and deception are not synonymous.
Your pride has provided you with misapplied zeal and false piety.
You condemn those you profess you wish to save
In your last ditch, self serving attempt, to punish your elders.
Framing questions and answers to abate solutions.
Intimidation to conclude false assertions are
Detrimental to one's salvation.
Playing bait and switch will not alter the reality
Confusion will muddy the water for a time
Intellectualization and rationalization mere illusions
The Elixir of Life requires a surrender
Defense mechanisms prevent healing;
Ontologically your are lost in the darkness of your denial
Your inferiority complex is haphazardly hidden beneath the surface
Your overinflated ego is the lie you tell yourself
Your messianic message is a cover story
you are but a child alone in the wilderness
You cleave to an old image of your Mother
In your adolescence you resent her icon
Immaturity has forced to make these erroneous claims.
To love is to yield your freedom being at totally liberty to serve
Your manifesto is drafted within the tirade of misapplication
pathetically trapped within heresy
lost in the tailspin of details and personal affront.
Your education is wasted on bigotry
Fear-mongering Phanarophobes
Recklessly driving intoxicated frenzied
by figments of their own imaginings!
Illegitimacy offends the bastard nation.
Falsifying documents refashioning history
no less un-canonical and far reaching.
Transfigure re-make yourself . Make way The Prodigal Son Cometh.

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