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The Naked Truth about AOI Rotten to the Core VILE Rate R for obscenity

The Truth about AOI
Another favorite blog of mine put together various quotes from the cronies at AOI. These quotes are not exceptions but rather the rule about how they refer to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Although these selections deal the the Ecumenical Throne they are unbiased in their smearing tactics and have nothing but contempt for the Greek Orthodox Archidoces either.
The stated mission of the American Orthodox Institute " a research and [educational organization] that engages the cultural issues of the day within the Orthodox Christian moral tradition.
Here are just a sampling of the anti-patirachal rhetoric found under the guise of engaging contemporary Orthodox Christians in the moral traditions of the church.
Direct Quotes from the AOI Blogosphere:
Fr. Johannes Jacobse: This sheppard leads his sheep to the slaughter. I wonder who tied is cassock in a knot. Interesting how he changed juristictions.
"EP doesn’t understand the dynamics of Western culture"
"If the EP really understood that his role is the moral leader of Orthodox Christianity the Patriarch of Constantinople does indeed become the “Eastern Pope,” then this is a price Constantinople might be willing to pay".
"Constantinople defines unity as centralization and is staking its future on hegemony over the American Church"
"Constantinople does not and will not speak for world Orthodoxy"
"Constantinople is silent on almost every other moral issue facing Western civilization"
"the Ecumenical Patriarchate is making an alliance with a political ideology that, when pressed, is quite hostile to the moral precepts of traditional Christianity"
"The EP and GOA have pushed forward this audacious and wrong-headed claim"
"the Greek pedigree of the Ecumenical Patriachate grants universal jurisdiction over the “disapora” because of the universal character of Hellenistic ideals has fallen by the wayside. The EP marches to his own drumbeat"
"The EP/Phanar cannot decide whether it is ekklesia or synagogue"
"Constantinopolitan claims have been dismissed, rendering the historical apologetic illegitimate"
"It looks like the loser here is Constantinople"
"a threat to the honor and standing of the Ecumenical Patriarchate"
"I take no pleasure in the persecution of the EP"
"the moral stature of the Ecumenical Patriarchate will diminish"
"If the Ecumenical Patriarch would recover his proper role as moral leader of the Orthodox world, the outcry against the Turkish injustices would ring hundreds of time louder than it does today."
John Couretas:
"the patriarch amounts to little more than pious Sunday School affirmations"
"Is this the best the Phanar can do?"
"is precious little evidence that the Ecumenical Patriarchate or the hierarchy of the GOA have been or are advocates of American unity"
"Sorry but the EP does not understand Freedom or America. Constantinople continues to be manipulated by the governement in Istanbul."
"watching the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the GOA belittle the Church with numerous acts of buffoonery and arrogance"
Fr. John W. Morris: Another fearless leader. The blind leading the blind (off a cliff).
"Ecumenical Patriarchate has shown that it does not understand the true situation of Orthodox in America." "The Ecumenical Throne has shown little, if any, understanding of American Orthodoxy."
Fr Gregory Hallam: Jump in the waters warm.  
"I want Constantinople as soon as possible to move to Crete"
"I think that Constantinople doesn’t have that right"
"Long live Constantinople! …. but not in Istanbul!"
Scott Pennington:
"Ecumenical Patriarch wishes to become a kind of “eastern Pope”"
"it doesn’t matter what the EP wants for the American Orthodox"
"the EP would sooner be dry roasted than give up an ounce of his claimed power"
"clinging to the Phanar’s interpretation is disingenuous, willful blindness."
"But I wouldn’t put it past this EP"
Ron Brotzman:
"The church of Constantinople has ceased to exist except in memory."
Al Green:
"Without financial support from the Greeks in America, the Phanar would become dust."
Eliot Ryan:
"I doubt the honesty of the EP’s concern"
[Eliots top ten. Quick someone call Letterman]
I.The Heretical Encyclical of 1920.
II. The Uncanonical Election of Meletius Metaxakis.
III. The EP’s uncanonical annexation of vast territories belonging to the Russian and Serbian Churches.
IV. The EP’s communion with the Russian renovationist heretics and uncanonical deposition of ROCOR Bishops.
V. The EP’s false “Pan-Orthodox” Council of 1923 and acceptance of the uncanonical papist calendar in 1924.
VI. The participation of the EP in the World Council of Churches.
VII. The Apostasy of Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras.
VIII. The EP’s “Lifting of the Anathemas” on the Roman Papacy.
IX. The EP’s Heretical “Thyateira Confession”.
X. The EP’s Participation in “Super Ecumenism”."
Michael Bauman:
"What will the GOA do once the Turks succeed in strangling the life out of the EP?"
"Pat. Bartholomew must be feeling more desparate."
"Clearly Pat Bartholomew wants to give the impression of having authority"
"there is a crisis of leadership in the EP?"
"PATRIARCH Acting like sycophants and cheer leaders before worldly leaders whose policies are demonstrably anti-Christian"
"Attempting to ‘pull-rank’ within the wider Orthodox communion in a manner that is offensive and demeaning to others"
"The Patriarch espousing widly fanciful, deeply politicized and near heretical ideas on the environment."
"Demonstrating an astounding lack of appreciation for the depth of faith and quality of faith of many American converts."
"the EP really has sold out his Apostolic See to Rome"
"They’d [EP/GOA] simply cease to matter in the equation at all as an entity"
"when the Turks succeed in strangling the life out of the EP?"
"the EP will wither"
Michael Woerl:
"The Ecumenical Patriarchate “extend its jurisdiction” over America? I pray to God that day NEVER comes, because if it did, it would be the death of Orthodoxy in America!"
John L:
"The dwindling of his [Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew] flock [in Turkey] is assuredly a reflection on his poor leadership."
Bill Congdon:
"same power-focused approach that Constantinople now manifests towards the American church."
"the EP will either die a slow death"
George Michalopoulos: Should to lower the bar everytime.
"the EP and his minions are not serious about the degradation of man"
"EP’s are some sort of alt.pope"
"the EP’s paschal message is papalist,"
"EP betray a hubris (ancient Greek word: overweening pride) towards those who are non-Greek."
"I fear that the Phanar is simply going to play their usual jesuitical games and accept unity along with the elevation of Bartholomew as the “pope of the East.”"
There is so many more vile things to mention but it would not be fruitful. The mob at AOI do not speak for anyone but the couple of dozen onlookers. Do not be like Lot's wofe. Do not look on curiously. "When you are going through hell, keeping moving don't look back before the devil even knows you're there" --country music song. The AOI has set its agenda overwhelmingly to sladeroulsy discredit and defame the Holy Ecumenical Patriarchate and the persdon of HAH Partiach Bartholomew. Sound like any one you know.
The disemminate misinformation, falsifying realities and fear-mongering. They insult their readership and encourage blasphemous rhetoric. 
Boycott AOI!!! 
Readers beware they will sanctimonously discredit your argument by challengeing you symantics while assasinating your intellect and character.
Those who have no help at time of war should not feel confort when at peace. (Find that church father).

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